Show Management and WalCom want to help you pursue business after the show! We offer THREE means of LEAD TRACKING !

“Attendee Key Contact Lists” are provided to ALL exhibitors for use during this year's show. After making your initial presentation with a new prospect during the show, simply note the attendee's unique registration number from their I.D. badge.


Registration Services ............................EVENT NAME
div. of WalCom, Inc.
6780 Heverlo Rd, Sunbury, OH 43074 ._MID-AMERICA
740.524.4123 Fax:614.448.4098 .. restaurant expo'20



__ 12345 __

____ Call in spring __________

__ 43225 __

__ Sue follow up with Model 1019 _______

__ 47228 __

___ Send affiliate agreement___________

__ 38557 __

___ Schedule Plant tour for May ________





The comments section can be used for any notes you wish or possibly for the assignment of a sales representative. At the end of the show, simply fax your "HOT SHEET" forms to WalCom - Registration Services (the fax number is printed on each “Key Contact List” form) to order your list of HOT prospects and their demographics information. The cost for this service is only $15 per sheet of up to 10 ids IF you decide to use them. Be sure to include your credit card number and return fax number! This simple procedure not only allows for easy follow-up contacts, but also provides an excellent database for targeted marketing efforts. Key contact information will be processed and return faxed to you within three business days of receipt.


The cost, complexity, and cumbersomeness of the 2d readers available in the past, certainly filled a niche, but technology marches on! We will be replacing the old pdf-417 barcode on the badges with a new QR code. It's there if you want to use it. ALL of you smartphone users need only to download a scanner app to your phone and YOU have your own system. For those of you who absolutely MUST have a hard copy on site: if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, grab the office techie (or grandkid), then add a “air” print app from your phone's app store, buy $25 printer with wifi (use static IPs), you have your own printing station. As these apps change DAILY, we'll be constantly updating a list of our favorites that you may request at: Leads@WalCom.com OBVIOUSLY, there is nothing to order for this option. HAVE FUN WITH IT! (if you find an app that you really like, please let us know so that we can share)(more info here)

Hand held 1D barcode scanners are also available to capture the id's of interested attendees visiting your booth. This easy and reliable data capture device is returned to the registration counters at the end of the show. We will download the scanner, export from the “scrubbed” registration database your interested

contacts information and email the file to you within three business days, so you don't have to worry about losing anything traveling back to your office. The cost for this scanner program is $125. for the 1 st scanner per booth and $100. for each additional scanner. No electrical outlet needed. Order deadline for this product is: Jan. 10, 2016. Additional units MAY be available on-site at a rate of $150.ea.

TERMS & CONDITIONS : All equipment must be picked up at the registration counters at least one hour prior to show start. Failure to pick up equipment does not entitle you to a refund. All equipment must be returned to the registration counters within one hour of the close of the show to avoid additional charges. A non-refundable charge of $300. for the 1D scanner may be applied for equipment not returned to the registration counters at the close of the show. Vendor's liability limited to the maximum of the order. Cancellations are accepted up to 3 business days prior to the show with a 33% admin. fee.


Show Name:
Exhibiting Company:
1st Booth#:
Primary Contact First Name:
Primary Contact Last Name:
Primary Contact Phone#:
Primary Contact eMail:
On-site Contact First Name:
On-site Contact Last Name:
On-site Contact Cell Phone#:

(An "Official" Confirmation/Receipt will be emailed after our internal process is complete.)

eMail leads@walcom.com or call 740.524.4123 with any questions that you may have, we're here to help !